Welcome to Kim van Wyk’s currently-sparse website. I’m a happily married electronic engineer turned software developer/DevOps engineer living in eThekwini in South Africa, currently working for SA Home Loans.

This site is a replacement for an ancient and creaking Wordpress site which finally fell over. I intend to bring its contents to this site over time, but as with almost every personal software project, this will take way longer than I think it will.

You can have a look at various pieces of code and software projects I’ve written or contributed to at my GitLab account. My GitHub account is almost entirely mirrored from my GitLab account - all my own projects are at GitLab. I also have a few Docker images at my DockerHub account.

I have an infrequently posted-to Twitter account.

I’ve presented a few talks at conferences, including PyConZA:

It was a great pleasure to be a guest host on Episode 310 of Michael Kennedy’s consistently excellent Talk Python To Me podcast.

I spend some of my spare time serving people in need as an active member and current president of the North Durban Lions Club. I have also been privileged to be involved for many years at the Lions District level for District 410E, including serving as District Governor for the 2016 / 2017 year.