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Reflections on why I still enjoy being paid to code

I saw a tweet from a friend today, also a professional developer, expressing dissatisfaction with writing code for a living after 7 years at it, although he still enjoys doing it as a hobby. This is not the first time … Continue reading

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“One-touch” app installation and update with SVN

One of my responsibilities at work is to develop and distribute several applications to a different division. These apps all consist of an exe (we’re a Windows shop), some supporting files and an INI config file. They need to be … Continue reading

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I received my long-awaited (yet still early) promotion today! I’m now officially an Engineer, as opposed to an Engineer-in-Training. It comes complete with a 55% pay increase. Damn, but it feels good…


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Internet, I have returned

I’m back from a week long internet hiatus (at home, anyhow). They came and installed an ADSL last Monday, the 23rd. However, the router I got from my ISP didn’t function on Tuesday when I got it – it didn’t … Continue reading


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