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voyager42‘s rather cryptic message about accidents happening is a reference to the rather painful injury he caused me while we were playing squash yesterday evening. The ball passed very close to me and he moved to strike it from a distance of (at the very most) a meter behind me. Unfortunately he mis-hit it a little and it travelled straight into my arm and side. I should probably have been moving aside, but for some reason I wasn’t. We don’t strike the ball gently, so it was travelling with some pace. This nasty looking blister-like thing immediately appeared on my arm:

(You can see the wound on my sexy arm in full-sized gory 1600×1200 detail here)

What baffles me is why he chose to do it in the second game, when he was 3-1 up, rather than during the first game, when I was actually winning 🙂

Of course, you’d think he’d let me win after that, but no…


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