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I’m sitting on my PC late(ish) on Friday night (it’s been a long week – 22:54 is late) wasting the time I planned to be writing the now severely overdue Mensa newsletter, Impi.

Why am I wasting the time you ask? I’m trying to get an Ubuntu .deb for Scribus to download so that I can install it and run it on my shiny quick Ubuntu box. I used to do the writing on my slow, klunky, Knoppix based box, but that has chosen to start freezing up on me and will no longer load anything x-related. Editing a graphical newsletter is tricky from the console.

Now of course my download appears to have frozen.

Why!?! Why Me!?!

On a lighter note, I found this quite amusing:

[Edit: A different mirror downloaded the .deb just fine, so much of the crankiness has melted away :-). I’ll put back the chainsaw.]


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