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Surprisingly, I can do my own rebooting

Dear Microsoft, stuff like this is (a very small) part of why many people detest your software. Does one of your software developers get his jollies from adding greyed out “Restart later” buttons to (annoyingly modal) dialogs? You should get him some therapy.


As it is, I got around this with some judicious process killing. I’ll decide when I reboot my PC, thanks all the same.


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A plaintive cry to the developers of Delphi 7

To the developers of Delphi 7:

What is wrong with you!?! Why did you choose to ignore the behaviour of roughly a gazillion Windows apps which provide an encapsulating frame to keep all the little bits of your application together and nicely bundled? Why did you instead choose to provide 6 floating boxes and expose whatever it is my screen was previously displaying on the bits those boxes aren’t occupying?

Do you have any idea how frustratingly annoying this is? Why do you hate your poor users so? Is it not bad enough that they have to write in Delphi, that you feel the need to punish them further?

After all, I’ve been using Delphi for two days and I already hate it for its tedious and overwhelmingly pointless verbosity – and this from a guy that writes C for a living! Why do you seek to make the pain so much worse?


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