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Getting root access to a Raspberry Pi using the Netbeans IDE

I was recently able to assist a friend in enabling root access to his Raspberry Pi – in the event that this advice may help others as well, here it is: My friend needed root access to work with the … Continue reading

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pycrypto Windows binaries

Another entry in my gripping series of posts intended to remind me about various software and development things when I inevitably forget them, this time to do with pycrypto. Installing pycrypto via a regular pip install is a pain for … Continue reading

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Installing MySQL-python on a Windows virtualenv

This one is more for my own reference when I inevitably forget how to do this: I needed to install the mysql-python connector into a virtualenv on my Windows system but could not get it to do a pip or … Continue reading

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Reflections on why I still enjoy being paid to code

I saw a tweet from a friend today, also a professional developer, expressing dissatisfaction with writing code for a living after 7 years at it, although he still enjoys doing it as a hobby. This is not the first time … Continue reading

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C code that could get you fired

Here’s another stupid C trick I’ve carried around in my brain for a while: #define sizeof(x) (rand() % 20 + 1) The mod and addition are to give a random number in the range from 1 to 21. This can … Continue reading

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C code you should never use in production

I’ve been meaning to write this little trick down for a while, so while I remember to, here’s a stupid little C trick which amuses me. Consider a C array: char array[3] = {1,2,3}; To access element 3, you would … Continue reading


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Code update

Visit the Yahoo Comics Page today and observe the wondrousness of its new and marvellous features! Tingle with joy at its remarkable amazingness! Salivate with excitement at its astounding magnificence! In other words, I finally added the feature to my … Continue reading


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