How to fix the “loud channel” problem on your DSTV decoder

By virtue of knowing a bit about these kinds of things, I quite frequently get asked about what is perceived to be a very annoying bug on a DSTV decoder: some channels have the volume set really loud when they are changed to, although the rest of the channels are much softer. This is not actually a bug, but a feature called “User Volume Setting”, albeit a somewhat confusing one in that as far as I can tell its existence or operation hasn’t been explained much.

It works by storing the volume for one or more channels, and then restoring it when that channel is visited. What makes it seem like a bug is how it is activated: pressing OK on the remote control while the volume bar is still displayed will store the volume for that channel, with no indication to the user that this has been done. When the channel is visited in the future, the stored volume will be used.

The saved volume for any particular channel can be removed on your DSTV decoder like so:

  • Press Menu on the remote control
  • Go to Advanced Options
  • Go to TV Installation
  • Enter the PIN code of 9949 (this number does not change and can be found in your manual)
  • Go to User Volume Setting
  • Select the bouquet you want to alter (probably the main DSTV bouquet) by scrolling to it with the up or down arrow key and pressing OK on the remote control
  • Scroll the arrow key up or down until you highlight the channel you wish to remove the volume setting from, then press the left or right arrow to clear the saved volume (as explained in the help text at the bottom of the screen)

Unfortunately there is no mechanism to turn the feature off completely, or to remove the saved volume from all channels at once, as far as I know.

If such a mechanism is a feature you would like to see, contact Multichoice via their website or otherwise and let them know: they will almost certainly only ask a decoder manufacturer to add new features if they know that a significant number of customers desire the capacity.

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  1. Iwant to add my channels what must i do?

    • kim

      Hi Nokuphumla,

      while I happen to know how to solve the “loud channel” problem I wrote about on this page, I don’t work for DSTV, so I don’t know much about some of the other DTSV decoder spects.

      You’d be better off asking the dstv forums, at

  2. Mathew

    Hi all,

    I really only have one thing to say ……….


  3. Eon

    Kim, thanks so much! I did it and now I don’t have to worry about being deaf every time I want to watch TRACE. You are a star!

  4. kim

    Mathew and Eon,

    only a pleasure – glad I could help.

  5. Leon

    Tried the reset audio option , but it’s not an option on my hd decoder? Any ideas?

  6. Nicholas

    Thanx truly helped me

  7. Cassandra

    Hi, I trust you are well. I fixed my volume. May I ask something? Are there some settings I should know about with regards to DsTV and big screen TVs? I have 46″ Bravia that gives me really bad picture quality. The smaller TV is fine quality wise, the big one is driving me nuts trying to find settings that don’t make the picture quality so horrid. I know you don’t work there but you seem to know stuff:) Thanks and have a lovely day!

    • kim

      Hi Cassandra – I’m rather late to answer this, but unfortunately I don’t know anything that could help you.

  8. marius

    Thanx a mil! This was really an annoying problem especially when I’m sleeping and kids are changing channels. This happens when you press enter/ok while the volume still displays

  9. Hank

    Help, anyone, please? HD PVR remote A3. Volume control V+ turns volume down and V- turns volume up!?

  10. Bala

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 You rock!

  11. Walta

    Dear All
    I have a DSTV and every time i turn off or the light goes out my decoder starts load channels and its so boring to wait until it finishes loading. Any help guys?

    • kim

      Hi Walta,

      as far as I know, there is no way to cancel a rescan (i.e. when it loads the channels) when the decoder powers up.

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