Lions Multiple District directory creator

My Lions club (North Durban) is part of Multiple District 410, which is made up of the clubs of South Africa and Namibia. There are about 100 clubs, which yields lots of contact details for clubs and at the District and MD level. An electronic directory was drawn up every year, completely manually, which was time-consuming and painful.

I offered to develop a system to do this automatically instead, which I have since put into practice. It’s effectively a Python application which produces LaTeX output files, which can be run through pdflatex.

It also consists of a Django project to enable easy online access to edit the details that appear in the directory.

I aimed to have the code general enough to be used by any Multiple District in the world. While it may not be quite there, it’s probably close(ish).

The project is hosted at this Bitbucket location. It’s my first real, publicly accessible, open-source project. While it has big faults, a large to-do list and certainly several bugs, it already does what I set out to have it do and I’m quite proud of it.

Unlike a lot of the other code on this site, this project is licensed under a BSD 2-clause license, as contained in the file license.txt as contained in the root folder of the project..

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