Women +1, Men -1

To add to yesterdays fun, I got a lift back home with my father. You need to report a road accident within 24 hours so we went to the Hillcrest SAPS station to report it before going home.

I walked into the charge office, and announced that I needed to report an accident, and the officer laughed. Great. He told me he had no incident forms at all, but Kloof still had two, so if I hurried there I could report it there. He’s just told this gentleman the same thing, like he’s just set up a race. Terrific, my faith in the police is restored!

Although my dad and I actually have no idea where the Kloof SAPS is, we eventually found the 3 prefab buildings that are the temporary (but longstanding) home of the cops in Kloof. The only officer in the charge office there (a woman this time) had had the foresight to make photocopies of the form before using her last original, so she was able to deal with my matter efficiently and effectively. I must compliment her on her smooth handling of the issue – so unlike the rest of the police I’ve ever dealt with.

Here’s the positive point I promised last time though – the male cop in Hillcrest was so damn useless he used his last forms without making a contingency plan, then laughed when we wanted to report an incident. The female cop in Kloof was efficient, knew her job and made copies before she used the last form, showing a thinking brain too. That’s women +1, men -1 yesterday I’m afraid. This is of course, only positive for the fairer sex, I realise.

The other positive point is that I’d never come across a cop before who knew what the hell they were doing, so I can confirm it – that mythical beast does exist, rare as it may be :-).

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