We win again*!

*if you consider the prize to be the 6th place slot.

We decided to let the other teams feel a little better about themselves by coming much lower down than usual 🙂

Technically we came 7th out of 9 with 72 points, but that’s because the team who came 4th had 81, but had 5 extra players. They should have been marked down by 15 points, and hit 66, but they had a lot of cute girls on the team and the quizmaster was feeling frisky, so he didn’t mark them down. I’m going to proceed as if they had been though, since they should have been. That would put us in 6th.

We also had a 7 point handicap, which would have left us in 4th had we not had it deducted. 4th is a lot more respectable than 6th, so that’s what I’m going to spend the next few weeks convincing myself that we scored…

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