The Inexorable March of Victory

I’ve just returned from another victorious quiz night where we have pulled off a crushing victory (in the sense that we’ll be crushed by the 7 point winners handicap next week). In all it was a good one – I always enjoy winning, and we seem to be getting better at it, or we’re at least having a good run.

Three questions stood out which we struggled at:
1) What does a cruciverbalist do?
2) Which sport do you wear a Keikogi in?
3) Which US State is the only one which you can spell without any of the letters in George W. Bush?

1) Crossword puzzles – cruci for cross, and verbalist for wordsmith. We looked right past crossword and went for preacher – Doh!

2) Kendo

3) Indiana – we had written down 45 state names before this one came to us. It took a while…


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3 Responses to The Inexorable March of Victory

  1. I got them all right, of course

    Except for the first, which I also associated with religion, and the second, although martial arts crossed my mind, and the third, which I thought is Florida, but forgot about the “O”.

    Not bad for 8h20 in the morning…

    • Re: I got them all right, of course

      We got the third, but we had Sumo for 2 – at least we were both thinking Oriental…

  2. I had “editor” for the first and also Sumo for the second. The third I gave up on because I’m actually at work and can’t run through them all…

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