The atmosphere was electric!

jerith, voyager42 (Voyager below), Jonathan McKeown and myself had the most pun-filled conversation that I’ve had in ages over Jabber IM recently: here it is in marked up glory. Everything is related to electricity, software or both – if you get all the puns you’re as sad as the four of us are 🙂

Kim: from a recent facebook posting from a friend:
Kim: FirstGuy wants to be a transformer
Kim: Comment from SecondGuy: "You'll have to step up"
Jerith: Wrap a bunch of wire around him and apply a large current?
Kim: What a shocking thing to say!
Jerith: Doesn't my suggestion charge your enthusiasm?
Kim: well, it certainly has potential
Jerith: I'm happy to field questions...
Kim: on the current topic only?
Jerith: I'm not resistant to other topics.
Kim: well then, let's conduct an interview
Kim: perhaps I can induce you to let on more than you should
Jerith: I was about to suggest an inductance process for new partners.
Voyager: Make sure they're not bi-polar
Kim: sounds great - I'm amped about this idea
Jonathan: This conversation is rapidly exceeding my capacitance for puns
Jerith: Jonathan: That makes you an impedance to our plans.
Jonathan: Right that's it - I'm going ohm
Kim: Watt did we say?
Voyager: He hasn't the energy for this
Voyager: He should rather go home and re-charge
Jonathan: I'm going to do a volt-face and stay here
Jonathan: the atmosphere's dielectric
Voyager: Seems a bit static now
Kim: now you're alternating!
Jerith: Was that comment directed at me?
Voyager: That hertz
Kim: At least I only make such comments periodically
Voyager: Perhaps. It was a bit direct, currently
Kim: Imagine what RMS would have had to say
Jerith: Are we integrating him into this circuit now?
Kim: only discretely
Jonathan: he'd probably leave in a fit of pique-to-pique
Jerith: What LED to this decision?
Jerith: I'm sure we can rectify his errors...
Jerith: It should only require a half-wave on our part.
Voyager: Assuming he rates us highly.
Jerith: I thought diode more to his philosophical legacy than I actually do.
Jerith: So perhaps I should be insulated from that particular debate.
Jerith: Can you guys conduct it in my absence?
Kim: perhaps we should avoid such a debate - it can be quite polarising
Voyager: I understand. It may cut too close to the core for comfort.
Kim: little positive can come of it
Jerith: And certain parties have been known to oscillate wildly between viewpoints.
Kim: with remarkable frequency
Jerith: As has been made crystal clear already.
Jonathan: yes, not just two-faced but sometimes three-phased
Voyager: I prefer to be neutral in such situations.
Voyager: Apologies for the delay, my train of thought was just interrupted.
Jonathan: You should take the bus
Kim: that's often not on real-time though
Jonathan: Apparently it even has a bar - the bus-bar
Voyager: Not to worry, the Signal-to-Noise ratio is much better now.
Jerith: The power of public transport to damage schedules is unparalleled.
Voyager: Because it's all serial, not to mention last in first out.
Kim: at least the routes are fairly linear
Voyager: I will have to be excused...I'm getting an upgrade.
Jerith: And I must sadly return my energy to work matters. :-/
Kim: taking a break from this endless circuit?
Jerith: That was more pun than I've had in ages.
Jonathan: yes, you're all such live wires

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