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Last night at the quiz, I think I managed (inadvertently) to get a waitress fired. We’d never had or seen her before, so I gather she was quite new.

She started out pleasant enough – we ordered a round of drinks and I ordered lamb stew. When she came back after 30 minutes or so she took a friend’s glass which still had a mouthful of coke in it, so my friend reached up and took it back to stop her walking off. The waitress said, really snippilly: “You didn’t have to snatch it out of my hand”.

My friend didn’t hear that, but another friend told her, and when the waitress next returned my friend actually apologised, being a very generous person. The waitress then said something like “fine, but you could have just asked me to leave it. You didn’t have to treat me like that” in a voice that dripped with slap-me attitude. She also got another friend’s initial order wrong, and my mother’s. The quiz setter also mentioned that she got everything wrong, on the few occasions she bothered to serve him.

We saw her once more, and then for the last two hours she didn’t pitch at all. She walked past us to the other table several times, but never stopped to ask if we wanted anything, and in fact we couldn’t even get her attention to flag her down. Eventually towards the end of the night I wantedneeded water, so I went to the bar to get some (since she was not around) and there she was – kissing and talking to her boyfriend at the bar instead. So I told she was the worst waitress we’d ever had, and that she’d ignored us all night – she denied saying anything to my friend (mass hallucination on our part, I guess). She also claimed to be walking up and down all night – it’s a funny walking that has you sitting at the bar. She also spent a lot of the earlier evening sitting at a different table talking to the people there. When I mentioned she wasn’t very good (to point out that she has unhappy customers and it’s hardly the way to go about getting big tips) she told me “Good, thank you” in a voice that had a whole heap of attitude with an edge of f**k you.

I told the manager specifically about the f**k you speech, because that was uncalled for, and how she basically ignored us all night. He inferred that that was it for her, and I got the distinct impression it was a last straw kind of thing. At the end of the night I called her when she was at the table next door to ask for the bill: she looked at me, and turned away and stalked off – didn’t even ask me what I wanted.

Needless to say we left a giant R0 tip when we finally got the bill from the manager instead.

Often our waitrons aren’t very good, but they always at least try with a smile, which is all you ask. She had the attitude of a spoiled rich kid who didn’t really need the job (however the manager assures me she did – I have no idea how he would know). Not conducive to a successful waitressing career…

To make it especially annoying, she lost us 2nd place! We were tied for 2nd, which then comes down to the number of people on the team. We each had 6. So it becomes a matter of the size of the bar tab. Ours was R16 less – had we seen her for the last two hours we would certainly have ordered more drinks, and 6 of us would easily make up R16. Grrr…

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  1. Just wondering… was she blonde?

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