Morning radio no longer sucks!

For all those reading this in South Africa, you will know that morning radio is somewhat limited. On your drive to work you can listen to 5FM (music, but mostly crap), SAfm (current affairs and talk – but much worsened since the long-standing anchor resigned for refusing to hush up an act of government censorship) or your own local station(s) (there’s unlikely to be more than one or two).

However, I’m here to give you a new option – Radio 2000! Yes, Radio 2000! The station that used to be boere-musiek and the original English for the TV shows dubbed into Afrikaans has the most awesome morning radio show. It’s pretty much rock music all the way, including the classics (I’ve never heard Led Zeppelin on the radio in the morning before), with a good mix of a bit of news and some comedy but mostly damned good music. Featuring a dude called Mo G and also Ray White (who disappeared from 5FM years ago) it truly is awesome morning drive time listening.


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  1. Mo G is also from 5FM; he used to do the weekday graveyard shift. I remember listening to him many years back during nights when I couldn’t get any sleep.

    Although old rock classics don’t appeal to me that much, I do tolerate it and as such could be tempted to give it a listen..

    • Now that I didn’t know – so both Mo G and Ray White are from 5 – how the once mighty have fallen (in my admittedly biased opinion)

  2. They do indeed have a lot of 5FM guys – I forgot to mention Barney.

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