Late night musings on tennis

As one can see from the lateness of the hour of this post, it’s bedtime (at least, it is by my sleepcycle). Before going to bed, I’ve indulged in a bit of Wii-ercise, having not had the chance to get any real-world exercise for a while. I’ve just lost a best of three tennis match 2-0, then won the best of 5 rematch 3-2. The point of this post is to observe how odd it is to feel a great sense of accomplishment at beating two expressionless, poorly animated gimps at a reasonably-approximated game of tennis. I should probably get out more.

A question I have for anyone who has ever played Wii tennis, while I’m on the subject: What is the dude who appears to be my clone doing up at the net? He never even tries to hit the ball. I’d like to think I could find a better tennis partner than that worthless scrounger – sadly he appears to be related to me…

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