Jabber: the IM of choice of 9/10 evil maniacal geniuses

pkeike, jerith, voyager42 (Voyager below) and myself had a very amusing conversation over Jabber IM a little while ago: here it is in marked up glory. Let this be a lesson to you: never forget the duck…

Voyager: FOOLS! Now I can take over the world! mmmuahahahaha!!!
***Kim makes a note to contact the specialist and see about having voyager's medication adjusted, yet again
***Jerith plants a small explosive device somewhere in Johan's dirigible.
***Pkeike makes a note to contact the surveillance team and see that voyager is actually having his medication
***Kim makes another note to politely decline future offered lifts in Johan's dirigible
Jerith: Oh, I replaced the dried frogs with sugar pills. Far more interesting that way.
Jerith: I'm thinking of adding caffeine and the merest hint of LSD.
***Voyager makes a note to remind the specialist, surveilance team and bomb squad who they work for
Pkeike: jerith: I was just wondering if his paranoia meds need to be adjusted or forcibly administered
Kim:  I already added the LSD
***Pkeike makes a note to remind the surveillance team of their cover story
Jerith: Tri: They are being correctly taken, it's just that he's on different (and more interesting) meds.
Pkeike: fair enough, social experimentation ftw!
Voyager: But who is experimenting on whom?
Voyager: twitch
Jerith: Everyone on everyone.
Jerith: It's more exciting that way.
Kim:  excellent - the twitching has begun
Kim:  we can proceed to stage 5
Jerith: Umm, I did that last week.
Kim:  prepare the generator and the clamps
Jerith: The twitching should have cleared up by now...
Kim:  you did?
Pkeike: dammit jerith, communicate!
Jerith: Unless you were continuing with stage 3 procedures...
Pkeike: or at least put it on the damned wiki!
Jerith: I left a message in the secondary dead-drop.
Kim:  yes, but you used last months cipher
Kim:  so the message was disregarded, as per agreed protocol
Jerith: Oh, blast. My autoupdate script failed on the encryption module.
Kim:  now we have to "reset" the subject for the umpteenth time
***Kim prepares the mind scrubber
Voyager: You guys are crazy
Pkeike: Good. Standard response received. We may proceed.
Pkeike: Good work Kim
***Voyager notices nothing strange.  crazy==normal, after all
Kim:  excellent
Kim:  I so hate it when the scrubbing fails and a new subject is required
Kim:  subject-acquisition is such a tedious process
Jerith: Especially when you forget the duck.
Kim:  that's why the wiki's HOW-TO page specifically specifies the mallard

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