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I’ve recently been playing with Google Calendar, and I’ve created a publicly viewable calendar for the North Durban Lions Club. What strikes me as so cool about it is that even if you don’t use Google Calendar yourself, you get to play. HTML links are provided, both to the public calendar entries and one for the private ones too (which I’m not providing 🙂 ).

It can also be embedded in other websites, and even apparently shows up in Google searches, although I’ve yet to encounter this.


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  1. Sync the Calendar to your mobile


    You can also sync the Calendar to your mobile device (phone PDA etc.) for free.
    Try it out at

    Hey we have a mutual friend in Howard Tayler, he penned my LJ picture 🙂


    • Re: Sync the Calendar to your mobile

      Great, thanks for the link. That could be very cool and handy.

      I’m actually in South Africa, so I’ve never met Howard Taylor, but I do like what he writes 🙂

      • Re: Sync the Calendar to your mobile

        Yeah Howard’s a real cool guy, I know him from his days working for Novell, we met a few times in Utah.

        Let me know if I can help any with syncing the Google Calendar 😉


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