Getting Emacs 23 onto Ubuntu

It’s no secret that I use emacs, and that I’m a huge fan. Some time ago I started using the most recent stable release, emacs 23, on my Windows PC at work. Unfortunately Ubuntu, which I run at home, still provides emacs 22 in its package system. While emacs 22 is perfectly fine to get the job done, the mismatch does cause some small annoyances due the fact that I use the same .emacs config file and supporting files ( on all my systems. (Some months ago I claimed that I was going to write about that system within weeks of making the claim. I still will do, soon, I promise. I don’t promise to define “soon” though).

While emacs could of course be compiled from source on my Ubuntu systems, this becomes a bit of a pain to maintain across upgrades and the like. Amongst other minor issues, json.el is not provided with emacs 22, but it is with emacs 23, which caused a warning to be issued when loading my config files on emacs 22. Fortunately, the magic of Ubuntu PPA’s (on which Jerith recently wrote more eloquently than I can) comes to the rescue: behold the Ubuntu Emacs Lisp PPA, from which one can install emacs23. One can also install emacs-goodies-el, which is a good collection of nifty emacs extras.

Beautiful things, PPA’s…

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