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I posted an IM message to a chatroom a while ago, and the ensuing conversation was so funny I’ve reproduced it here for the enjoyment of my legions of readers. jerith and voyager42 were the other guys Who took part.

rooijan: An internal email: “Good Afternoon The who has taken the big Stapler from the finance dept. could you PLEASE RETURN it ASAP” Roger Daltrey is here? Anyone have anything I can ask Pete Townshend to sign?

voyager: I’ll bring my camera phone.

** jerith grins.

rooijan: it’s probably a typo though and I got so excited the last time she made a mistake, I think I’ll skip it. I Won’t Get Fooled Again

voyager: touché

jerith: I’m trying to work “Pinball Wizard” or “Pictures of Lily” into the conversation, but failing.

rooijan: the best I’ve got left is that I’ll wander over and pretend to be unimpressed by crying out “Who Are You” and maybe reinforce that by Mooning them

voyager: jerith: It’s Hard to work arbitrary album names into the conversation.

** jerith groans.

voyager: It just is. I Can’t Explain it

rooijan: Substituting the titles in is quite tricky, yes sometimes inspiration strikes though, and it’s Pure and Easy

voyager: Did you hear the old-timer’s version of My Generation on Radio 2000?

jerith: I’ll come up with A Quick One soon, though.

jerith: I didn’t.

rooijan: You Better You Bet I did

voyager: That one could be seen a mile away with the Naked Eye.

rooijan: only if you were The Seeker

jerith: Perhaps, but I Can See For Miles And Miles with binoculars.

rooijan: the sad thing is that I’m doing this from memory alone 🙂

voyager: So you can see the end of the Endless Wire?

voyager: rooijan: that’s not sad, that’s impressive

jerith: I’ve been cheating slightly.

rooijan: there’s a store of useless Who trivia Behind the Blue Eyes of mine hmm – end of the line for these? I guess The Song is Over

** voyager nods. My knowledge is failing. It’s Not Enough.

rooijan: I Don’t Even Know Myself how much I can do

voyager: Who’s Next?

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