Colour me immensely impressed

I realised today that I accidentally booked for Thursday instead of Friday for a show I’m going to with my folks, using I fired off an email to the email address, to ask if it would be possible to alter the booking.

Within 15 mins I had a reply from a chap called Gary, saying he had cancelled the Thursday booking and credited me on the site with the money so I could make a fresh booking.

I went to the site to make a new booking, and saw I had R322 in credit, not the R480 I should have had. I added 6 tickets for Friday to my shopping cart anyhow, thinking to pay the extra (the wrong booking was all my fault anyhow). I didn’t pay yet though, and fired off another email to ask why the credit was less than R480, but adding that I would understand if the refund wasn’t total.

Before it can even have got there, Gary gave me a call, saying he saw he put in too little credit, and not to worry, he’d process my new booking within 5 mins – no need to pay anything extra. True to his word I got an sms 5 mins later with the details of a booking for the right day, for the right number of tickets – he must have picked it up from my as-yet-unpaid-for shopping cart.

His service was astonishing – if only all SA businesses could have service like that.

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