Big Walks

I did the Spar Ladies 10km run yesterday with Vicki and some friends. Before I continue, a few points:

  • Yes, men are also permitted.
  • No, I did not dress up.
  • We walked it all, “run” notwithstanding.

I also did the East Coast Radio Big Walk three weekends ago (also roughly 10km, and also walked). Both were quite fun, although I must say I preferred the ECR event – it’s limited to 8000 people versus Spar’s 12000 odd, which made for a less compressed field. The organisation was much better at the ECR one as well – the Spar event had water stations that were either unreachable due to the crowds or woefully under supplied, and a distinct dearth of medical personnel on hand for people who may have developed problems or who wanted to pull out.

While both events were good fun, I also got up last week Sunday at 3AM to assist the Cowies Hill Lions Club at their Comrades watering station (the first station the runners reach). That’s three really early Sundays in a row – next week I intend to rise at 1pm 🙂

Of course, things would also be slightly better if I had the use of my left leg today…

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