And he’s off…

One of my best friends, jerith, is on his way to Cape Town today to take up a great sounding job. I’ve known him about 6 years now, and I’ll miss his company. Good luck in everything.

Who am I supposed to beat at squash now?


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4 Responses to And he’s off…

  1. Set your sights higher

    Try to beat me 🙂

    • Re: Set your sights higher

      No problem, tell me where and when and I’ll happily beat you (note the absence of “try”)…

  2. Nonononono, you’re supposed to come and visit me in Cape Town. Where I will soundly trounce you. (Yeah, right.)

    And the job is just as great as it sounds. 🙂

    • Good to hear

      It’s good to know you’re enjoying it. Keep dropping my name…

      Seriously though, I do intend to make my way to CT at least once this year, so I’m sure I can squeeze in a quick lesson on the danger to you of shooting your mouth off when talking about sporting events, if you like.

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