A night of winners

On Tuesday night, my team won the weekly pub quiz we’ve been going to for some time. This is not our first victory (although, to be honest, there haven’t been many. We specialise in coming second week after week), but it was our most comprehensive. The best of the pathetic wimps we were surrounded by (i.e. 2nd) managed 81 points. (I can talk big since I’m pretty damned sure no one from the other teams will ever read this 🙂 ). We got 89. We actually reckoned we got 92, but we shut up about it, since the consequence of winning is that you get your winning margin subtracted as a handicap the following week. 8 is much more pleasant than 11, although it’ll still be a huge hurdle.

The event of more significance on the night however was that my aunt won the snowball. The snowball is a competition whereby you purchase x number of R2 tickets, and if your number is drawn you choose from 1 of 3 categories. Having chosen, you get asked the question from that category. Get it right, and you win the cumulative pot that built up since the last time it was won. The snowball had got so big (since the questions were so damned hard) that it stood at R5000 (it was actually capped there, and the rest (R1800) used to seed the next snowball). My aunt had the right ticket, and her category choices were Current News, Medicine or Pot Luck. She picked Medicine, and was asked:

“What was Denise Dorvall’s contribution to medical history?”

It was her heart that was transplanted by Dr. Chris Barnard into Louis Washkonsky, in the world’s first heart transplant.

My aunt is visiting my mother for a few weeks from Faure (near Somerset West (near Cape Town)), and knew the answer immediately. My aunt and uncle have always lived on a tight budget, and they really need this money. I couldn’t think of a better person to win the prize, and I thank the Lord for helping them in this way somewhat unexpectedly.

And no, I didn’t know the answer, so I wouldn’t have won. In my defence, I wouldn’t have picked Medicine though. I would probably have gone with Current News, where I did know the answer.

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  1. Congratulations are in order

    You seem to be doing very well in quizzes lately. Aanhouer wen!

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