A light morsel of advice

A word of advice: If you spend the weekend at a self-catering Drakensberg resort, you may decide to braai both your Friday and Saturday evening meals. If the braai stand is not lit, and you neglected to bring a torch, you may then decide to use your car’s headlights to illuminate the braai stand. You will then probably tell yourself to start and run your car for a few minutes the following day, to ensure the battery isn’t depleted if you use the headlights the following night.

If however you are really lethargic on the Saturday and you forget completely about starting your car, do not compound the error by forgetting that you forgot and using your headlights to again illuminate the braai stand on the Saturday evening. If you do this you may well find yourself sheepishly asking the reception if someone might be available to help you jumpstart your car, while your fiance tries very hard not to burst out laughing at you (with just cause).

This is of course entirely hypothetical, just a piece of advice I figured someone may need some day.


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  1. Oh dear, I did laugh, I’m afraid! And how good of Vicky to laugh rather than throw things 🙂

    Can I friend you, Kim?? It’s Jeannie McKeown, btw.

    • Of course, friend away. I *think* I’ve just done the same for you.

      • You did 🙂 And I did it back. One day I will get a handle on the complexities of LJ… How are you all? Jon and I are missing pub quiz, and TPA. As soon as we have a house down here you’ll have to bring your new wife (and the rest of TPA) and come for an away meet… They have pizza here 🙂

        • We’re all well thanks – busy as usual, but aren’t we all. The quiz goes okay (We’ve won one or two) but the TPA is only slowly getting back up and running. We certainly would like to visit when you’re ready to receive guests, yes.

          • Good – will keep you up to date on the sale of the Durbs house and subsequent purchase of a Grahamstown one! Optimistically hoping that it’ll be sooner rather than later…

          • I gave up on selling mine, and am renting it out now (well, occupation for the tenant is 1 May) so you’re not the only ones…

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