30 years on the planet. Stock taken. Status: content.

Today I’ve been on the planet for 3 decades. A round-number birthday seems a good time to take stock of life, which I’ve done after a bit of reflection:

  • I am married to an amazing and loving woman, who is truly beautiful both on the inside and the outside, who is also my best friend. I fully realise that such a relationship is sadly very rare, and I’m deeply grateful that I’ve found love like this.
  • I am paid to do what I would do for fun anyhow – and paid well enough that I have no serious financial concerns. I realise how rare this is too, and am very grateful.
  • I am very actively involved in serving my community and those in need through my Lions club, which brings me great joy.
  • I have many good friends, from many walks of life, some of whom I’ve physically met and others I haven’t, but all of whom are terrific people I’m proud to call my friends.
  • For the past 30 years my parents and brother (well, in his case, 28 years) have been more supportive, loving and fantastic than one could imagine, and I am truly, deeply grateful for the amazing family I am blessed to belong to.
  • I have a deep faith in the Lord, which brings me inner peace and stability.

Looking at the above, I can honestly state that I am blissfully content. Life has challenges, of course, and ups and downs, but on the overwhelming whole everything is going great.

“Blissfully content” sounds like a pretty good state to be in at any age – I’m truly grateful to be able to say that at 30, that’s where I stand.

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