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Fame! (of an exceedingly moderate sort)

I have discovered that my poky little website ( hosts the top link in two related Google searches: “ack emacs” and “emacs ack”, both of which direct to a page listing the details of ack.el, which Voyager and I put together some time ago.

I’m just saddened that I didn’t put Google Ad Words or something like that onto it – I could have paid for most of a day of lunch at work (which is all of R8.50…)

More seriously, I didn’t have comments enabled, which I’ve now turned on – I wonder if I missed any kind of interesting discussion which may have ensued.

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Fixing the “loud channel” problem on a DSTV decoder

If you find some channels on your DSTV decoder have the volume set much higher (or lower) than the others, this might help you fix it:

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Fancy a chance to win some money for doing something charitable?

The North Durban Lions Club is launching a “100 Club” next month (July 2009) and participants are still eagerly accepted. For R25 per entry per month, your name goes into the draw for R1000 first prize, R300 second prize and R100 third prize. There is also a R100 prize winnable only by a participant present at the monthly draw, at 18.30 on the first Friday of the month. The other prizes do not however require attendance. All the proceeds go towards the club’s community service projects and charitable activities. Payment can preferably be made for 6 months up front (R150 if 1 number is taken) or monthly payments can be made.

Please contact me for details if desired.

UPDATE Sadly there were not enough takers to make the project economically viable, so it has been deferred to a later date.

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