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Fear not trembling citizen, MAKRO has a plan to survive the Simba shortage

Like tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people, Vicki and I both have a MAKRO card. Yesterday we both received this sms:

While there's a short supply on Simba chips, Lays & Fritos - MAKRO has stocked up on alternate brands. We'll let you know when there's stock again.

What a relief! I’d been so worried about not being able to buy boxes of crisps! I can sleep again!

More seriously, neither of us has ever bought a box of crisps from MAKRO, so it’s not like they targeted customers who have a history of such purchases. I’m speculating, but they seem to have flung the message at all the numbers they have.

Is this issue so important that the cost of many thousands of messages is worth it? Even at say R0.01/sms, it adds up. I guess maybe it shows that boxes of crisps are a big seller and worth the expense of indiscriminate advertising.

Did anyone else receive this sms?


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