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A few bits and bobs

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything here. Here are a few points then, gleaned from my tweets ( and otherwise recorded upon the Internet for the first time here:

  • On 6 October, I had been going out with Vicki for an amazing two years. I consider that and the entire aspect of my relationship with her as highly miraculous and I consider myself as extremely fortunate to have been able to experience those two years (and many more to come).
  • Vicki and I are taking the seriously long way back to Durban from Saturday to Monday this coming weekend – we’ve booked onto a cruise to nowhere. It leaves Durban harbour at 12 on Saturday, cruises the nearby Indian Ocean for two days and returns at 8AM Monday morning. I’m really looking forward to it – it should be great. (Mental Note: purchase sea-sickness medication…)
  • I intend to compose an article on using emacs under Windows: finding alternatives for the UNIX tools it depends on in some areas, accessing the system without the benefit of a shell and setting options based on the OS you’re currently using. There’s probably a bit more too, but that should fall out as I write it. I’ve mentioned that here because I’m well aware there’s a vast gap between what I intend to do, and what I do. If such an article doesn’t appear in the relative short-term future (weeks, not days or hours) kindly poke me about it.

    That article will in theory be followed by one on my perhaps fragile system for using the same emacs setup on a variety of computers, OS’es and internet-availability-conditions (although said system doesn’t actually practically exist yet). I also intend to place some more elisp code in the wild, developed by Voyager and myself to make our work easier, with his (granted) permission. Feel free to poke if such items don’t appear, in the long-term future.

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