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Kulula crappiness

I booked a car through Kulula a few weeks ago, as it was the best deal available at the time. I needed to change the return time for the vehicle (I’ll be staying in Joburg longer), so I followed the Kulula instructions. It was such an incredibly frustrating and irritating experience that I have just attempted to provide them the following feedback through their website:

I am extremely dissatisfied and annoyed with my recent experience regarding a rental car booked through Kulula. I needed to change the return time to later in the day, so I checked the email which arrived from Kulula with my confirmation details. It said, to quote:

"Should you wish to amend or cancel your car booking, please use the 'my bookings' options on the website. Alternatively you may contact the kulula call centre on 0861 5858 52. If you are calling from outside SA, please dial +27(0)11 921-0111 "

Doing it by the website seemed the most convenient, so I visited the website, and went through two or three pages until I got to changing a car booking - where I was told my only option was to call the help centre. If a car booking can't be changed on the website, why does the confirmation email say that it can?

I subsequently called the call centre, and selected the "change booking" option. I waited 25 minutes on hold, for the second time - I gave up waiting after a similar period a few days ago. I was on the verge of hanging up again when I was finally connected. When I explained my problem I was told I was going to be put through to reservations, as the car reservation needs to be cancelled and re-booked, as it cannot just be amended. How is one supposed to know that the option for a new reservation is the button to press when calling the call centre to change a car booking?

The reservations agent listened to my request, and then immediately gave me Imperial's number, who can apparently change the booking without needing to cancel it. If that's the case, why on earth did I have to call the Kulula help centre in the first place? Why did I have to waste almost an hour on hold? So many things are wrong here:

a) The confirmation email says the booking can be changed online. The website contradicts this.
b) The website instructs one to call the Kulula call centre. It seems logical to choose the "change booking" option when doing so. After an interminable hold period, it turns out that "new reservation" is the option that should have been chosen. How could anyone know that?
c) Once the new reservation agent is reached, Imperial's number is handed out, and the situation is no closer to being resolved.

Why on earth is Imperial's number not given in the confirmation email? Why also does the confirmation email state that bookings can be changed on the website? These two glaring problems have lost me an hour on hold, and will cause me to seriously reconsider booking a car with Kulula again. I suggest urgently addressing the issues, as other customers must surely be equally as agitated.

Attempted? The first time I tried to use their feedback form, only half my text was accepted, as there is a length limitation. That upped my anger tenfold and had me seeking an email address for them. Sadly, there is no email address available, only a retarded feedback form, that doesn’t even accept newlines.

Consider me severely not pleased.

UPDATE: I eventually posted the following on Kulula’s website. I frankly no longer care whether they read it or not:

I am extremely annoyed and irritated at my attempts to change my car booking. Unfortunately, Kulula doesn't seem to care enough about my input to provide enough space for me to air those views via this stupid feedback form with a 1000 word limit. What's wrong with just providing an email address? If you want to hear from your customers, as you so sincerely promise, why do you restrict the amount of words they're allowed to use? I'm afraid the ridiculous limitation preventing me from attempting to assist your company in improving its customer's experiences is the last straw. I realise that the loss of one individual's business is hardly a big deal, but for what it's worth, you've lost mine. I have placed the feedback that wouldn't fit in this box here:[URL of this post]. Read it or not, I no longer care - the experience of providing feedback has so annoyed me I no longer desire to do business with Kulula at all.

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