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Yet another post from someone admiring an Emacs feature

I’ve been using Emacs for some time now, and I’ve grown to really appreciate it. One of the nifty features introduced in Emacs 22 is the ability to execute arbitrary elisp when replacing text using regular expressions (elisp is the … Continue reading

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Jabber: the IM of choice of 9/10 evil maniacal geniuses

pkeike, jerith, voyager42 (Voyager below) and myself had a very amusing conversation over Jabber IM a little while ago: here it is in marked up glory. Let this be a lesson to you: never forget the duck… Voyager: FOOLS! Now … Continue reading

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A plaintive cry to the developers of Delphi 7

To the developers of Delphi 7: What is wrong with you!?! Why did you choose to ignore the behaviour of roughly a gazillion Windows apps which provide an encapsulating frame to keep all the little bits of your application together … Continue reading


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Big Walks

I did the Spar Ladies 10km run yesterday with Vicki and some friends. Before I continue, a few points: Yes, men are also permitted. No, I did not dress up. We walked it all, “run” notwithstanding. I also did the … Continue reading

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