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Part 1 of a Greek Odyssey

I have arrived in Athens, safe and sound. I didn’t have my own Internet access on Thursday, which explains why most people won’t have heard from me. That was sorted on Friday though. The first thing that needs to be said to put any potentially concerned minds at ease is that the strikes and public unrest you may have heard about gripping Athens at the moment doesn’t affect me – I’m far from the scenes and don’t need public transport to get to work either.

Here’s the rest of quite a long post

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Autopage woes

I recently sent the following email to Autopage, using the contact details for their MD and customer sales representative. Since I don’t honestly believe either will ever read it, I include it here as well. It’s behind a cut though, since it’s quite long. Various names and details have been removed, to protect both the guilty and the innocent.

A tale of woe lies within

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Off for a Hellas of a nice time

I’m off to Greece on Wednesday evening, for a two week business trip. Seems a bit short notice, but I’ve known for a while – I frequently neglect this area when things change in my life (you may have noticed). I’ll be there from 18 to 28 March, if all goes to plan (but these things have a habit of changing by a day or two at times).

It should be a nice trip – I’ve never seen Greece before. I’m told it’s still quite cold though, which is a concern – hopefully not too cold 🙂

I’m also a little concerned about getting to church – there aren’t many Roman Catholic churches in Greece, and I’ll be away over Easter, but hopefully I’ll find something. I’ll probably also go to a Greek Orthodox Mass as well, if just for the experience.

Is there anything anyone would desperately like me to attempt to locate in Athens (I doubt I’ll get a chance to go elsewhere)? I already have a coffee request from voyager42. I could easily be persuaded with a bit of palm-Greecing…

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