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I wrote me some elisp!

I’ve finally managed to penetrate the almost incomprehensible parenthesis-laden fog that is elisp, and copywrite something (marginally) useful. The little piece of elisp can be found at

I might just make more elisp available one day, once I become more comfortable with it…

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At last, a website emerges

Having registered a website for the North Durban Lions Club a few weeks ago, I finally got around to putting some content onto it today. I intend to build a far more functional and extensive site relatively soon, but that content will at least get the basic details out while I do so. If you can think of anything I may have left off, please let me know.

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Telkom never ceases to amaze me

While walking through the new Gateway extension today, I saw several signs advertising Telkom’s new store opening soon. All the signs suffered from Capitalisation Diarrhoea, such as “Come and Meet the Team”, or “the Only Place to be” etc. What really took the cake for me though was this:

Telkom Unrevealed

Their store is going to be unrevealed? I presume this means they’ll open, and then immediately cover everything with black curtains…

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