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Okay, finally an answer

The form has been signed, and now they’re doing a rush job to get me to go as soon as possible. They tried to get me to leave on Friday, but having been unable to plan my life at all in April, I took the previous suggestion of flying on the weekend to heart and booked to see an awesome show on Friday night with Vicki and my folks. So Friday is out – I’m sick of being pushed around.

The next available flight is Wednesday, so that’s what they’re getting me onto.

It’s good to finally actually have an answer.

Update: No one was available over the long weekend to sign the form in Joburg, so the current thinking is now Thursday. Aaargh!!

Update on update: The form has finally been signed and all is well apparently. To give the banks and travel agent time to organise forex and the like, and to get a more easily available seat, the flight plans have been set for Friday, 4 May. I’ll be leaving Durban at 13:50.

At last, some bloody resolution!


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*Finally*, some clarity!

Our CEO apparently finally approved the trip today. I’m now preparing to leave on Sunday, or later, depending on available flights, visa delays and the amount of time it takes to get approval from Joburg (a few days, normally).

What’s got me quite frustrated (and which I intend to raise with the highest management I can easily get to) is that Vicki and I are supposed to be at the Lions Midyear Convention this long weekend, but we cancelled the plans because I was supposed to leave (the cancellation was on my boss’ boss’ advice). Now it turns out we probably could have gone – and I am distinctly displeased, both at that specifically and at my inability to plan my life more than 2 or 3 days ahead for almost a month!

Bloody hell, but I’m currently seriously annoyed.

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Why am I still in SA?

This is the question I hear you cry. Fear not, my loyal followers – all shall be revealed: The CEO has not yet signed the form, since he is unsure that the trip is needed. He wants to know why the Oz office can’t handle the matter. What matter you ask? I realise that I haven’t actually explained the purpose of the trip – we’ve sold a new product to an Aussie customer, and are contractually required to supply an onsite support engineer for a year. The Oz office will supply this person eventually, but apparently “recruitment has been slow”. I’m going over to cover this role while a permanent person is hired by the Oz office.

The CEO is however not sold on why we need to send someone. I’m assured there is no other option, so the chances of the trip being cancelled are apparently extremely low. But he promised my boss an answer by today, and of course, I’ve heard nothing. More uncertain waiting I guess…

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Okay, so it’s *definitely* next week

As previously mentioned, my flight was delayed until either today (Friday 13th) or next week. Since nothing has happened to the approval form, it’ll definitely be next week, no earlier than Tuesday.

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Right, guess it won’t be Wednesday

Although the bookings were made for Wednesday, my trip hasn’t yet been approved, and it now looks like I’ll fly either Friday or early next week. Delays in a scheduled overseas business trip by UEC – what a novelty!

I’m happy to spend a bit more time at home, but annoyed at the indecision and lack of clarilty – a bit of clarity would be nice!

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Flight is confirmed

My flight details have been arranged and confirmed – I’ll leave Durban for Jo’burg at 14:40 on Wednesday 11/04, and then catch a Qantas flight to Sydney at 18:10 that evening. That will see me arrive in Sydney at 13:55 local time the next day.

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Things to do in Aus

  • In my previous Aus trip related post, voyager42 started a list of things to do in the 16 weekends I’ll have available, from which I should pick the best 16. Here is the list so far:
    1. (from voyager42) Pet a Koala
    2. (from jerith) Toss another shrimp on the barbie
    3. (from jerith) Box five rounds with a kangaroo
    4. (from jerith) Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
    5. (from jerith) Surf the Great Barrier Reef
    6. [UPDATE: Many more from voyager42:]

    7. (from voyager42)  Watch Aussie rules football
    8. (from voyager42)  Visit all the states/territories
    9. (from voyager42Swim with wild dolphins
    10. (from voyager42Climb the sydney harbour bridge
    11. (from voyager42)  Watch a movie at the Sydney Film Festival
    12. (from voyager42)  Catch a tan on Bondi beach
    13. (from voyager42)  Have a ‘gunfire breakfast’ (coffee with rum) on ANZAC Day, 25th April
    14. (from voyager42)  Check out a platypus.
    15. (from voyager42)  See one of the following Australian eccentricities:
      • Goldrush Festival – Abercrombie Caves, NSW
      • Kelpie Dog Festival, Ardlethan, NSW
      • Torres Strait Cultural Festival, Bamaga, QLD
      • Birdsville Races, Birdsville, QLD
      • The Rhododendron Festival, Blackheath, NSW
      • Enngonia Races, Enngonia, NSW
      • World Lizard Racing Championship – Eulo, QLD
      • The Myall Prawn Festival & World Prawn Eating Championship – Hawks Nest, NSW
      • Fenaclng Festival, Karratha, WA
      • Miles Wildflower Festival, Miles, QLD
      • Milton Scarecrow Festival, Milton, NSW
      • The TREE-mendous Festival, Narrandera, NSW
      • Tunarama Festival, Port Lincoln, SA
    16. (from voyager42)  Visit the cafe/bar in the Sofitel hotel building in Collins Street, Melbourne for great views. Then visit the men’s room and pee against the glass urinal looking at the streets 38 floors below. This is a genuine suggestion from Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree forum as an cheap alternative to the Rialto Towers Observation Deck. I kid you not.

    Anyone care to contribute further?

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    Consider this a Papal warning…

    Came across this today, and I quite liked it:

    Interesting Year: 1981 
    1. Prince Charles got married
    2. Liverpool crowned soccer Champions of Europe
    3. Australia lost the Ashes tournament.
    4. Pope Died

    Interesting Year: 2005
    1. Prince Charles got married
    2. Liverpool crowned soccer Champions of Europe
    3. Australia lost the Ashes tournament
    4. Pope Died

    Lesson Learned?

    The next time Charles gets married, someone warn the Pope.

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