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Practical Advice for 2007

I received some excellent and eminently practical advice for 2007, and I thought I should share it with tiny subsection of the world that reads these words: Before attempting to remove stubborn stains from a garment, always circle the stain … Continue reading

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Google Calendars

I’ve recently been playing with Google Calendar, and I’ve created a publicly viewable calendar for the North Durban Lions Club. What strikes me as so cool about it is that even if you don’t use Google Calendar yourself, you get … Continue reading


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subtract one waitress

Last night at the quiz, I think I managed (inadvertently) to get a waitress fired. We’d never had or seen her before, so I gather she was quite new. She started out pleasant enough – we ordered a round of … Continue reading

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Time for a laugh

I came across these truly terrific newspaper clippings today, and I figured I should share them. They had me roaring with laughter: I’m impressed… And to save the best for last: Can’t imagine why they didn’t want to tell anyone … Continue reading


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