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I wrote me some elisp!

I’ve finally managed to penetrate the almost incomprehensible parenthesis-laden fog that is elisp, and copywrite something (marginally) useful. The little piece of elisp can be found at

I might just make more elisp available one day, once I become more comfortable with it…

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At last, a website emerges

Having registered a website for the North Durban Lions Club a few weeks ago, I finally got around to putting some content onto it today. I intend to build a far more functional and extensive site relatively soon, but that content will at least get the basic details out while I do so. If you can think of anything I may have left off, please let me know.

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Telkom never ceases to amaze me

While walking through the new Gateway extension today, I saw several signs advertising Telkom’s new store opening soon. All the signs suffered from Capitalisation Diarrhoea, such as “Come and Meet the Team”, or “the Only Place to be” etc. What really took the cake for me though was this:

Telkom Unrevealed

Their store is going to be unrevealed? I presume this means they’ll open, and then immediately cover everything with black curtains…

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Dragged in by Boris the (web)Spider

I posted an IM message to a chatroom a while ago, and the ensuing conversation was so funny I’ve reproduced it here for the enjoyment of my legions of readers. jerith and voyager42 were the other guys Who took part.

rooijan: An internal email: “Good Afternoon The who has taken the big Stapler from the finance dept. could you PLEASE RETURN it ASAP” Roger Daltrey is here? Anyone have anything I can ask Pete Townshend to sign?

voyager: I’ll bring my camera phone.

** jerith grins.

rooijan: it’s probably a typo though and I got so excited the last time she made a mistake, I think I’ll skip it. I Won’t Get Fooled Again

voyager: touché

jerith: I’m trying to work “Pinball Wizard” or “Pictures of Lily” into the conversation, but failing.

rooijan: the best I’ve got left is that I’ll wander over and pretend to be unimpressed by crying out “Who Are You” and maybe reinforce that by Mooning them

voyager: jerith: It’s Hard to work arbitrary album names into the conversation.

** jerith groans.

voyager: It just is. I Can’t Explain it

rooijan: Substituting the titles in is quite tricky, yes sometimes inspiration strikes though, and it’s Pure and Easy

voyager: Did you hear the old-timer’s version of My Generation on Radio 2000?

jerith: I’ll come up with A Quick One soon, though.

jerith: I didn’t.

rooijan: You Better You Bet I did

voyager: That one could be seen a mile away with the Naked Eye.

rooijan: only if you were The Seeker

jerith: Perhaps, but I Can See For Miles And Miles with binoculars.

rooijan: the sad thing is that I’m doing this from memory alone 🙂

voyager: So you can see the end of the Endless Wire?

voyager: rooijan: that’s not sad, that’s impressive

jerith: I’ve been cheating slightly.

rooijan: there’s a store of useless Who trivia Behind the Blue Eyes of mine hmm – end of the line for these? I guess The Song is Over

** voyager nods. My knowledge is failing. It’s Not Enough.

rooijan: I Don’t Even Know Myself how much I can do

voyager: Who’s Next?

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The dragon of financial matters

I saw this on News of the Weird, and thought it was brilliant:

Three U.S. finance professors, working with business data provided to the government of Denmark, concluded that a company’s profitability usually falls following a death in the CEO’s immediate family. However, the professors found (according to a September Wall Street Journal report), that profitability slightly increased if the family death was that of the CEO’s mother-in-law.


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The Old Man still hasn’t replied to the page

Because I don’t forget my friend’s birthdays, this is just a quick one to wish the old man a happy birthday. Happy birthday . Thank you for continuously remaining geriatrically older than I am, to enable me to keep feeling young…


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Farewell Sydney

I haven’t blogged about my Aus experiences for very long, and I apologise most profusely. Sadly, this isn’t a blog about them either 🙂 Rather, it’s about the end of them – I’m needed back very urgently for a critical issue, so instead of leaving next Wednesday (4 July) I’m now leaving on Sunday!


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A tale of a full weekend

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my Oz experiences, and quite a lot has happened. Settle back: this one’s big.


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Rest in Peace, Glynn

I received very sad news this morning: Glynn Ayers, the guy who set the quiz I’ve been going to for some time now, passed away of a heart attack yesterday. His quiz brought me great entertainment every week for more than a year, and he will be sorely missed.

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I would never have thought I’d be happy to be working…

I actually got some work to do today – so things are looking up there a bit. Odd to admit, but not having to work at all is quite boring. Well at least, having to sit in an office but not having anything to do is quite boring 🙂

I went to a different church in the city itself on Sunday, at the odd time of 11.30. I chose that over 8.30 and 15.30. 10.30 was also an option – but it happened to be in Cantonese. I thought perhaps not. 8.30 was most decidedly out of the question ,since I went to a nearby bar to watch the FA cup final on Saturday night. It only started at midnight though, and I got home at about 3AM, so 8.30 church wasn’t going t happen. The game was okay, but not great – I was glad I went though.

Talking of bars, I’ve tried a range of beers while I’ve been here – the Aussies have a lot of options in their taps. I’ve had good lagers and a very nice dark malt beer – Guinness-like, but quite different. The red ale I had yesterday though is something I won’t be repeating – it was hideously sweet. I must still try a few of the wines to see if they’re any good.

One of the friends I met last weekend sent me an sms when I was leaving church yesterday to ask if I wanted to go to the Circular Quay, which is where the opera house is. I agreed, so I met her there after a short bus trip and she showed me around the area. Because I went straight from church I didn’t have my camera, but I will most certainly return and take some great photos. The area also has a wonderful park attached, which I’ll also take photos of. I’ll probably do that Saturday morning, after which I’ll take a ferry to the Taronga Zoo, which is apparently very good. I’m not sure what I’ll do on Sunday – maybe go on a wine country tour, which is apparently a great day trip. Or maybe I’ll do a Sydney tour – there’s a bus which stops at all the good places and you can hop on or off as you wish. That could be quite good, especially as the driver tells you about the places as you go around.

I have been watching some tv in some of the evenings, and three things have struck me about their tv, which is very much like the American stuff: they advertise relentlessly, and insidiously. In South Africa the broadcaster will put in a few minutes of ads between shows. Here there are no ads between shows. No, they put the ads in 2 minutes before the end of the show, so you watch those ads to catch the end of your show. A little ridiculous of me, I know, but it seems quite distasteful and sneaky to me.

What also gets to me is how much hype is attached to their tv promos. I’m watching numbers tonight, and the promos for the show I’m watching make reference to how every kid who goes to a particular playground disappears, with appropriately spooky sound effects. The actual story – two kids fall into a sink hole at the start of the show. There are other examples – in two weeks I’ve already started ignoring and distrusting the promos, knowing that they have a very tenuous connection to reality. The final straw is that they don’t provide a splash screen when the ads end – so you can’t run though the ads with as much ease and know where to stop. I only hope our own tv companies don’t catch on…

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