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A brief reflection

On the 23rd of December, various notables were born: Akihito, current Emperor of Japan, Eddie Vedder, frontman for Pearl Jam, Alexander I of Russia and Joseph Smith, founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, amongst many others. But towering as high above the names of these pathetic mortal weaklings as their own pitiful human flesh towers above that of a mere ant is a birth that shook the very fabric of the universe, for I was born upon that most tremendous of days. Yes I, rooijan, Destroyer of Worlds, Ruler of All That Is, Lord of the Skies and Prince of the Morning, Supreme Commander of… yes nurse, I’ll take my medicine now…

So I hit a quarter of a century yesterday. This is a big number, but I’ve never been bothered by age – I’ve long felt a little older than my current age, and I’m now getting to the age I felt like I’ve been for a while (this doesn’t make much sense, but read it again, and you’ll know what I mean). Besides, how can you feel old if you keep a few older friends like and around? 🙂

In very brief reflection, it’s been a great year. I’ve finished my first full year at a job I love doing, and been promoted with a handsome salary increase to keep doing it. I’ve been memorably and enjoyably overseas on business for the first time, to a destination I doubt I would go to on holiday. I’m starting to see fruits with the efforts I’ve been part of for some time to bring our young people back to the Catholic Church. The music group I’ve been playing with in the same Church has had a great year and I’ve had massive amounts of fun playing with it. I lost a good car (:-( ) but gained a great new one in it’s place (I consider myself well up on that transaction). And I went out with a girl (for the first time in my life) in early October who I’ve now fallen deeply in love with.

Yes, all told, a great year. Since I also get a birthday so close to Christmas, Merry Christmas/Hannukah/<secular holiday> to everyone – may it all go very well.


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voyager42‘s rather cryptic message about accidents happening is a reference to the rather painful injury he caused me while we were playing squash yesterday evening. The ball passed very close to me and he moved to strike it from a distance of (at the very most) a meter behind me. Unfortunately he mis-hit it a little and it travelled straight into my arm and side. I should probably have been moving aside, but for some reason I wasn’t. We don’t strike the ball gently, so it was travelling with some pace. This nasty looking blister-like thing immediately appeared on my arm:

(You can see the wound on my sexy arm in full-sized gory 1600×1200 detail here)

What baffles me is why he chose to do it in the second game, when he was 3-1 up, rather than during the first game, when I was actually winning 🙂

Of course, you’d think he’d let me win after that, but no…


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Combat card

Jumping on ‘s post, here be my combat card:

watch rooijan fight

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