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Yes they did

Went to see “We Will Rock You” at the Playhouse last night – see the post title for my impression of it 🙂

The show was amazingly good – I highly recommend it to everyone. The only iffy bit (which was the Playhouse’s fault, not the show) was that the seats were so narrow in terms of leg room that I had to put my legs onto the (thankfully) empty row in front of us for comfort. I’m not that tall. My 6ft6+ colleague had to do that out of necessity – he would have been really limping today if there were people in those seats.

Ben Elton wrote it, so it’s really funny, but the best joke was this one: At some point in the show, it is announced to the dissidents that they are going to be taken away to have all creativity and originality stripped from them and be turned into mindless drones. One of them pipes up with “You’re taking us to the Bluff?”

Funny enough, my colleague from the Bluff didn’t think it was quite that amusing…


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I love winning…

Specially for Colin, here’s a quickie to say that we won the quiz last night, against all expectations. There’s a pattern that’s clear here – I haven’t been there in two weeks – we didn’t win. I go back last night – we win. Seems pretty conclusive to me:

The bribe only works when I give it to the quizmaster 🙂

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That’s the Entrepeneurial Spirit!

Now here’s an entrepeneurial genius, courtesy of this week’s News of the Weird:

Sometime next year, if all goes well, Brett Holm of Chaska, Minn., will begin selling his Season Shot, an improvement over current shotgun shells because its pellets dissolve on contact in the game meat and, more important, automatically flavor it for cooking. Holm told the Chanhassen (Minn.) Villager newspaper in August that he will initially offer lemon pepper, mesquite, Mexican, and Creole flavors, but, he said, chemists are at work right now to expand the selection.

Sheer genius…

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The biggest dork on the web

I’ve just realised that I have neglected to link to the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on the web – the MIDAS dorm room automation system.. The guy who put this together has to be the biggest dork I’ve ever seen. The whole site is worth visiting, in particular the links to his car and garage alarm system. However, what cracks me up the most is the “Party Mode” he installed, with a big red E-Stop button to activate. What happens when activated? Observe:

Go on, play it again to savour “Feel the Energy”. My colleagues and I can only presume that he and his roommate then proceed to party alone. However, he has proof that this is not true:

We were wondering what he paid the girls. Actually, that may be unfair – maybe they’re related to him. Or perhaps they were attracted to his awesome acting skills?

I really must recommend spending some time at his site, if only to be boggled at his unique dorkishness. I admire his technical capacity, but I’m utterly baffled by the why of the whole thing…

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