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Damn! We’re getting good at this…

We won the quiz again last night, which surprised us greatly, because we figured we really tanked on the general knowledge stuff. For a change, there were 10 teams when we won too, so it was a big prize – R490 to be exact. There were 6 of us, so it split nicely into R80 each, and R10 for the waitress (on top of the tip, so she did well last night).

We do seem to be getting better and better at this thing – comes with practice I guess 🙂

I will also write sometime soon about the great weekend I had with down in Cape Town a few weekends ago, but that’s a job for a little later…


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Good for the team, Great for me

We had a somewhat changed team last night at the quiz: 3 of our regular members couldn’t make it, so joined us, along with another friend. We did fairly well, as far as these things go, and managed to come second – back to being the bridesmaids…

However, the snowball had reached R4184 (the snowball involves buying some tickets – if your ticket is drawn you get a choice of three categories to pick a question from. Get it right, and the pot is yours. The pot had been accumulating for quite a while).

The blue number 120 ticket was drawn, which was in my grubby little paw. The three categories given where:

  • Movie Theme Songs
  • Children’s Books
  • Potluck

Some of my children’s book knowledge is very lacking, and I certainly didn’t want to be answering questions on Gone With the Wind, so I went with Potluck. The question: “Freddy Mercury dresses in a mini skirt in which Queen music video?”

Answer in here

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Paging the old man, paging the old man

This is just a quick one to say happy birthday to for today, from the vigorously youthful member of our unholy triumvirate.


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