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I hear the faint strains of a Queen song…

We outdid ourselves last night at the quiz, cracking 100 for the first time. We hauled in a massive 102 (out of 125), missing just 7 general knowledge questions (out of 40), 6 pictures (of people, out of 25) and 1 song, plus the artist for another. The best of the pathetic weaklings we crushed mercilessly could only manage 91.

Of course, we always win when the pot is small. There were only 7 teams, so we split R340 instead of the R500+ we would have had if more teams had pitched. On the other hand, it’s better than simply splitting the bill…

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Code update

Visit the Yahoo Comics Page today and observe the wondrousness of its new and marvellous features! Tingle with joy at its remarkable amazingness! Salivate with excitement at its astounding magnificence!

In other words, I finally added the feature to my comics aggregator that I talked about with quite a while ago – the storage of the last weeks worth of comics. The comics are moved to the day’s page at 22:00 US time (I dunno which timezone, actually), so you have until the early SA morning to check out the comic from 7 days ago before it is overwritten forever by today’s.

If this makes no sense at all, kindly ignore – I know what I’m talking about, honest…


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Damn, I wish I’d thought of this

I’ve just been pointed to the website of a home-grown (South African, that is) company offering VoIP services and low cost overseas and long-distance calls by going from landline onto VoIP. They call themselves…


That is one of the best company names I’ve ever heard! Witness their logo: “Shearing costs”. Scattered about the site are gems like “Communication so sheep”, and “Why are people flocking to VoIP?”. I would have been proud to have developed a site with so many groan-worthy gems 🙂

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We win again*!

*if you consider the prize to be the 6th place slot.

We decided to let the other teams feel a little better about themselves by coming much lower down than usual 🙂

Technically we came 7th out of 9 with 72 points, but that’s because the team who came 4th had 81, but had 5 extra players. They should have been marked down by 15 points, and hit 66, but they had a lot of cute girls on the team and the quizmaster was feeling frisky, so he didn’t mark them down. I’m going to proceed as if they had been though, since they should have been. That would put us in 6th.

We also had a 7 point handicap, which would have left us in 4th had we not had it deducted. 4th is a lot more respectable than 6th, so that’s what I’m going to spend the next few weeks convincing myself that we scored…

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Well, I feel better

A few things have been annoying me at work for a while, and I snapped today. Hence I submitted this maintenance request:

The cold water tap on the water cooler in the foo area of the bar building is broken. It has been broken for many months. Last time I mentioned it to someone, some months ago, I was told it would be fixed very soon, as the supplier was waiting for a part. Assuming that the part didn't have to be manufactured in Outer Mongolia and shipped in by sailing ship, it should be here by now. Is it really that hard to fix?

Incidentally, I originally tried to send just the first paragraph, but I left the Telephone Extension box blank. However the Maintenance Request form demands that I fill one in, so I had to set it to None. Why did I set it to None? Here's the thing - I don't have a phone. I've been here more than a year, and I've never had a phone. Again, I was told a year ago that it was coming "soon". Please don't let the water cooler tap take as long to fix as a new phone system, since they're both happening soon...

Note that I don’t expect this to make any difference to our chief maintenance guy, nor do I expect him to appreciate the sarcasm and far-from-subtle cynicism it contains, but I feel better for it…

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This should brighten Monday (a little)

Good joke I heard today:

A driver is stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway. Nothing is moving.

Suddenly a man knocks on the window. The driver rolls down his window and
asks, “What’s going on?”

“Terrorists have kidnapped Jacob Zuma, Winnie Mandela and Manto Tshabalala-Msimang. They’re asking for a R310 million ransom. Otherwise they’re going to douse them with petrol and set them on fire. We’re going from car to car, taking up a collection.”

The driver asks, “How much is everyone giving, on average?”

“About a litre.”


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The Inexorable March of Victory

I’ve just returned from another victorious quiz night where we have pulled off a crushing victory (in the sense that we’ll be crushed by the 7 point winners handicap next week). In all it was a good one – I always enjoy winning, and we seem to be getting better at it, or we’re at least having a good run.

Three questions stood out which we struggled at:
1) What does a cruciverbalist do?
2) Which sport do you wear a Keikogi in?
3) Which US State is the only one which you can spell without any of the letters in George W. Bush?

Answers back here


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The Road to El…

A few of us went to the Butcher’s Block restaurant last night to celebrate ‘s birthday. The menu contained the item “Linefish (when available)”. The waiter confirmed to me that last night did indeed qualify as “when”, so I had the Linefish.

It was Dorado last night, which I’d never had before. Many people have told me it is the king of Linefishes, but I must admit, it didn’t seem like anything special to me. Tasted like fish, without the fishiness (i.e. like all Linefish doesn’t have the fishy aftertaste you’ll get from a piece of hake).

Was it just poorly prepared (not that it wasn’t tasty – it was great, but tasted like fish and only fish), or is it only supposed to taste of fish? Was I expecting some magic extra taste that isn’t there?


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Forward the Black Stuff!

I had a very pleasant evening last night, watching a movie with voyager and then unwinding in the Firkin Pub at the Pavilion (near Durban). Due to a foolish error on my part I managed to buy tickets for the showing of The Sentinel which began 10 minutes before I bought the ticket, instead of Pirates of the Caribbean, beginning 1.5 hours after I bought the ticket. Oops. It simply meant we missed the trailers and had more time for the pub – that’s my story anyhow 🙂

The Firkin brews a range of their own beers, which I’ve never tried before, and I had a crack at one of them last night. I had their milk stout, a Foxxie’s Silver, which turned out to be really tasty. I even subconsciously managed to get voyager to order a Guiness, forwarding my revolution to have everyone drinking the glorious dark drinks as part of my plan for global domination! (my now-somewhat-distant Irish heritage may be involved somewhere). One more black beer drinker added to the list, several bajillion to go…

Oh, and Happy Birthday, voyager.

Edit: voyager tells me he’s fairly sure he’d had at least one Guiness before Saturday. I’m sure he told me it was his first, and that he was experimenting. Clearly I’m not remembering correctly – the Foxxie’s Silver must have been even better than I thought…


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So much for two in a row

The giant 8 point handicap I mentioned earlier prevented us from winning the quiz for a second week in a row last night, which is a pity – we only managed 3rd.

Of course, we got 89 points before the 8 point reduction, the guys who came 2nd got 91 and the winners got 97, but these are minor and distinctly unimportant details…

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