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The Day From Hell

I have just experienced the day from Hell at work – the most frustrating day I’ve ever had. I started by going to visit a decoder owner to diagnose his fault (not something we actually do, since we only sell to the broadcaster, but he got through to us and convinced our chief engineer to send someone (where someone == kim)). A colleague decided to come along – he’s not my favourite person in the world (for reasons which are numerous, and boring to anyone else), and I didn’t relish having him along. Sure enough, he pisses off the guy immediately by claiming we’re doing him a favour by checking it out – we may not be directly responsible for support, but our product is broken and he’s understandably upset. To get snooty with him isn’t helping here…

I came back to the lab intending to spend a few minutes setting up a decoder to replicate the guys problematic setup. I needed to get the code from SourceSafe (I’ll pause while you shudder involuntarily in stark horror) and then build it – a 10 minute compile process. Due to a variety of odd PC and compiler problems I needed to reget and recompile 6 times (we’re talking 90 minutes here). Then when I did get it right, I enabled debugging output, and it failed to build again – some bloody twits failed to properly test their debug code, and it fails to build. Why Me!?!

I could go through the laborious process of interrogating SourceSafe to know who they are, but I won’t – I don’t know that I could be civil to them when next I saw them. Indeed, I don’t know if they would walk away from the meeting with all their limb’s intact.

When I finally got that right, the movers started taking my colleague’s desk out to replace it with the new one, and managed to cut the power to my PC 3 f’ing times, each time a little way through a compile attempt.

When they finally buggered off, I got the compile right eventually, and then found the code that I built was unsuited to the issue at hand (something only compilation can tell you.)

I fixed that too, and then (since I’d gotten so tired of doing this), I got sloppy and compiled the wrong damn thing.

Finally, on about the 15th damned attempt I compiled the right thing in the right way, and downloaded it. I’ve left it overnight to see what the issues are tomorrow. It’ll be a continuation of my great day if there are no discernable issues that I can trap (i.e. it’s specific to his set-up, or not software related), and all the effort will have been wasted.

I can see it already. Beautiful…

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