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Internet, I have returned

I’m back from a week long internet hiatus (at home, anyhow). They came and installed an ADSL last Monday, the 23rd. However, the router I got from my ISP didn’t function on Tuesday when I got it – it didn’t DHCP and it didn’t have the static IP range I was told it did. The idiotic techie couldn’t get it right over three days, until the provincial manager of the ISP gave us his personal one, which worked perfectly. That left him in the lurch over the weekend – I’m assuming he got one from work on Friday though. That improved my outlook on the IS(P) (this is the only hint you’ll get as to who it is) greatly – the manager is a great guy, even if the techie is hideously incompetent – the router does DHCP out the box, you actually have to work to break it.

In other news, my boss asked me what the state of my passport was today – he’s thinking of sending me to Greece for 2 weeks soonish, perhaps several times. There’s something to look forward to, at least the first few times ;-). I’m told it gets real tedious after that, but we’ll see.


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I’m sitting on my PC late(ish) on Friday night (it’s been a long week – 22:54 is late) wasting the time I planned to be writing the now severely overdue Mensa newsletter, Impi.

Why am I wasting the time you ask? I’m trying to get an Ubuntu .deb for Scribus to download so that I can install it and run it on my shiny quick Ubuntu box. I used to do the writing on my slow, klunky, Knoppix based box, but that has chosen to start freezing up on me and will no longer load anything x-related. Editing a graphical newsletter is tricky from the console.

Now of course my download appears to have frozen.

Why!?! Why Me!?!

On a lighter note, I found this quite amusing:

[Edit: A different mirror downloaded the .deb just fine, so much of the crankiness has melted away :-). I’ll put back the chainsaw.]


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